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Can I take a placement?

Yes. Tutors, angels and partners must satisfy the following legal requirements:

  • Queensland requires a Working with Children Blue Card (Email Lyn French This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) requesting application papers, do not download your own from the Internet;
  • NT requires a Working with Children Ochre Card (Email Ruth Woerle This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) requesting application forms;
  • NSW requires a check but does not issue a card. Google NSW Working with Children, click Volunteers. Follow the directions. You have to present your ID at a NSW Motor Registry. This can be done on your way to your placement as NSW recognizes the Queensland Blue Card for 30 days which gives time for the check. You will then receive a WWC number. Email this to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will add you to the NSW database.

 Volunteers only need cards for the states where they intend to take placements.

Does my partner need a Working With Children check?

Yes. Most definitely.

Does my partner need their own VISE record even though they are not tutoring or acting as an angel?

Yes. Your Working with Children Card details can only be entered in your own record

How does my partner create their own record?
Go to
Click "Volunteers"
Click "Applications"
Fill in application form and "Submit".
Sometimes we have trouble entering birthdates at this stage, for assistance This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How do my card details get into my record?
Blue Card. When the Commission issues a Blue Card a letter is sent to the Working with Children Officer who will insert the details and verify your record.
Ochre Card. When you receive your Ochre Card email the full details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the NT Coordinator will enter these in your record.
NSW. When you receive your WWC number email this to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. together with your date of birth.

Can I pick the time I take a placement?
Yes. You fit your VISE placement around your commitments. You select your own placement we do not place you to where we want you.

How long is a placement:
Six weeks. Although many tutors going to distant areas where travel is expensive go for eight or twelve weeks, spending four or six weeks each with two families. This cuts the travel cost to 50% for each family.

How much travel reimbursement will I receive?
(1) You are responsible for accommodation en-route to a placement.
(2) A volunteer travelling by public transport on their own, and using economy fares, will receive full travel costs.
(3) Where a spouse accompanies the volunteer on public transport he/she can either pay their own travel costs; or the couple can take two placements to split the costs. (If they cannot go for twelve weeks they might offer to take two placements each of four weeks.)
(4) If a placement specifically requires two tutors, or an angel and a tutor, and they are travelling by public transport, the refund will be negotiated between all parties including the CEO.
(5) Where a volunteer elects to use their own vehicle they will be reimbursed as follows:
$180/1000km by the most direct route.
(Volunteers must calculate the shortest route for the round trip and send this to their Coordinator for agreement.
(6) If the volunteer elects to take a caravan which is NOT required for the placement, travel will be reimbursed at the rate of $180/1000km
(7) If a caravan is required for the placement and this is stated in the advertisement, re-imbursement will be $250/ 1000km using the most direct accessible route if the volunteer is travelling from home.
(8) If a volunteer is on tour and accepts a placement within a reasonable distance that requires a van, they will be reimbursed at $250/1000km from their starting point back to their starting point. e.g. Rockhampton to Rockhampton. Or $180/1000km if the van is NOT required for the placement.

How do I know about placements?
Once you are active you will receive emails describing placements available and you bid for the ones that you feel you can cope with by responding to the email.

Can I let Co-ordinators know that I am looking for a placement?
Yes, go to your record and enter your Log In and Password.
Click on "Keep in Touch". This gives the email addresses of all Co-ordinators. You can email those areas that interest you to say you are available. Tell the Co-ordinator a bit about yourself, in particular your area of teaching if you are a tutor.

There is a placement offered that is a bit out of my area of teaching. But I think I will offer to take it as I'll do anything to get a chance to take a placement. Should I take it?
DON'T take a placement for which you are not qualified. It is not fair to the parent or to you and can end up causing ill feeling.

Do I have to write the curriculum for my student while I am on the placement?
NO. The Distance Education schools send out assignments and your job is to supervise these. There is plenty of work set for the student. In some cases parents will be Home Schooling again materials will be supplied.

What happens if my placement "goes wrong"?
This only happens occasionally. Because we are all individuals there is the odd clash. You should contact your coordinator who will remove you from the placement if necessary.

I think everything is wrong with the teaching set up at my placement so may I change everything and put it right?
NO!! Once you leave, the parent is on their own again. Give advice where it is asked for, but don't change the teaching regime of the home unless asked. Also, even though you may not like the way an assignment is set, still do what the instructions say. The mothers have no other guidelines and it will do a lot of damage if you are seen to undermine the DE school. (The schools do not write the curriculum, by the way. This is done elsewhere and the teachers are as bound by the assignments as you are.) These mothers are very busy. If you have to tidy the schoolroom to your satisfaction, don't make a song and dance about it to the mother.

What should I do before I leave for my placement?
a) Talk to the parent and have a list of questions ready.
b) Seek parental permission then ring the students' teachers at the Distance Education School they attend. The teachers will ring you back if requested.
Find out about the children. Are there any learning difficulties?
c) Most importantly clarify travel arrangements and reimbursement methods with the Local Area Coordinator

I am a VISE Angel. What is expected of me?
Our Angels are an important part of our scheme. They are there to keep the home ticking over during an emergency. They are NOT there to wash walls etc. They will prepare meals, do family washing and just keep the house tidy. They are certainly not there to cook for the shearing team. Ask the family what they are expecting of you and do this before you agree to the placement. The demand for Angels is much less than for tutors.
VISE insurance does not cover partners working on the property outside the homestead area. So working on the homestead garden, carrying out small maintenance jobs or building a cubby house for the children are all covered. If the partner wants to help on the property in such areas as mustering or engine maintenance, welding etc. the property must hold suitable Public Liability cover and the partner must negotiate this with the property owner or manager.

What do I need to do about insurance cover?
VISE holds personal accident and Public Liability insurance for tutors, and angels performing normal domestic work. Our insurance does not cover work on the property, so if a partner does this they should ensure the property holds adequate insurance cover for this type of activity.
Personal accident does not cover illness or death (unless death through an accident.) Nor will it cover operations that come under Medicare or Private Health. Personal Accident does not cover the gap between the scheduled fee and what the specialist charges. You should make sure you are adequately covered for such an eventuality.
Make sure your ambulance cover is a national cover and is not restricted purely to your state. There is national ambulance cover available so check with your health fund or ambulance service.
Ambulance is very expensive if you do not hold national cover.

I have finished my placement. Who do I tell about it?
You will receive an email asking you to fill in a questionnaire. You will continue to receive this email until you have completed the form.
These reports are very important.

When I have finished my placement, what then?
Throughout February and March of years ending in an even number VISE holds tutor meeting at several different venues from Ballarat to Brisbane. Most are in private homes but a number are in clubs.
Unfortunately we cannot get to areas where there are very few people and we apologize for this.
You will receive regular emails detailing these meetings and the person to contact to say you will be attending.
You are asked to bring a plate to meetings held in private homes. These are enjoyable and rewarding meetings at which you share experiences, with newcomers learning from "old timers", and "old timers" acting as mentors to new comers

In the years ending in odd numbers we hold a VISE Conference at a suitable rural venue. This enables all of us to gather and enjoy our joint interests.
A newsletter Outback Volunteer Chronicle is also delivered via email to you on a regular. This Newsletter is used to pass on Tutor and Angel stories plus keep you informed on what is happening around the traps.